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Villa Park is almost 113 years old but it’s witnessed few nights like Wednesday’s League Cup semi final win over Blackburn Rovers. Dave Woodhall is just starting to get over it.

In December 1970 a crowd of almost 63,000 saw third division Villa go a goal down to the Manchester United side of Best, Law and Charlton before winning 2-1 and booking their place in the League Cup final. Four seasons later Villa were twice two goals up to Chester City at the same stage, both times being pulled back level before winning through.

1977 was a bit less exciting – Villa were only a goal up on a couple of occasions against Queens Park Rangers although we did need a replay and a Brian Little hat-trick to go through to the epic final trilogy with Everton.

In 1994 we were three down away to Tranmere and equalised in the 89th minute at Villa Park before winning a penalty shootout. 1996 saw Arsenal were two up at Highbury before we pulled level to get to the final on away goals.

But no one of those games could have prepared us for what happened last night.

After the 1-0 win away at Blackburn I thought we’d be in for a comfortable two or three goal victory against a side who were probably more concerned with avoiding relegation. Wrong again.

If you were at Villa Park you were one of the lucky ones. If you saw it on TV you might not have believed your eyes. Villa were two down and playing poorly after 25 minutes, level by half-time, 5-2 up shortly after, Blackburn pulled two goals back and Villa got their sixth in injury time to give the match an amazing 7-4 aggregate scoreline.

That’s the bare statistics but they can only convey a fraction of the drama that went on. It was unbelievable, surreal, magical. It was what supporting a football team’s all about.

Now to start saving up for a ticket for the final.



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