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Blues narrowly avoided becoming the victim of an FA Cup upset at Nottingham Forest on Saturday, thanks to Robbie Earnshaw’s penalty miss. Andy Munro reflects on the gap between Premier League and Championship finishing.

A trip to the Forest was never going to be easy as, like Blues in the Premier, they are the surprise package in the Championship.

With their little and large combo up front of Blackstock and Earnshaw, our defence were always going to have to be on their metal to keep a clean sheet. Luckily whilst ‘old Earnie’ might be the fastest man in the east (Midlands), he makes our Cameron look like Jimmy Greaves in front of goal.

In fairness, Forest had a definite edge in the first half not helped by our already understrength side being further decimated by injuries to Cars and the unlucky Parnaby – how many dressing room mirrors has this guy broken to earn his run of bad luck.

Mind you, we were a lot more ‘at it’ in the second half and as the game wore on we could have pinched it although that would have been a trifle unfair on a Forest side who some of us remember stuffing us in a pre season friendly.

I suppose the game showed up our threadbare resources even if McLeish tries to kid us that McSheffrey was ‘very dangerous’ when he switched wings and how ‘hungry’ Damien Johnson is to impress on his return.

However it was an excellent result which keeps our confidence going even if Billy Davies had his usual whinge about ‘we should have been three up at halftime’ – the fact that they weren’t Billy is why your side are still in the Championship. In fact everytime I see Billy Davis,I think of the Krankies …his voice,demeanour and stature would be ideal if he ever wants to enter the X Factor as a Krankies tribute act.

Anyway back to serious Premier business next week when the Cockney Reds, the Scottish Reds, the West Country Reds and the Anything but Mancunian Reds roll into town.


Andy Munro would like to point out that 'my views are personal and not those of the City Council'


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