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Birmingham's Chamber of Commerce was condemned last year for advising firms on how to outsource to India. Now Andy Munro has spotted another own goal.

Recently there has been a spate of articles bemoaning the Birmingham's economic reliance on the public and service sectors caused by the 'demise' of manufacturing.

However I really don't think that there is a need to worry having unearthed this 'diamond' about jewellery trade opportunities.

Incidentally there is a short quiz at the end of this piece and Stirrer readers who answer it correctly will go into a draw and the lucky winner drawn out will receive a piece of jewellery not designed in Birmingham, not manufactured in Birmingham and which can be worn without pride.

Anyway an official e mail has been recently circulated as follows:-

Dear Buyer,

xxxxxxxx in association with Eurocentro NAFIN Mexico are pleased to present to you Liquen.

Liquen is a contemporary brand of jewellery which imparts its creations an entertaining,colourful and versatile touch to which the reaction is one of pleasant suprise.

The name Liquen comes from a plant which grows on rocks in wooded areas,and the lines are inspired by the names used by science to identify various elements in nature.

Liquen sees jewellery as a range of accessories to adorn the body and transform the everyday forms of dress that people use to express their individuality.

The objective of the Eurocentro NAFIN project is to provide technical assistance and support services to small and medium sized Mexican companies in order to develop an integral link between the European Union market and Mexican companies.

For more information,or to register your interest, please contact xxxxxx on xxxxxxxxx or e mail xxxxxxxxxxxxx'

Do the missing words relate to:-

(a) The Mexican Chamber of Commerce

(b)The United Nations World Trade Federation

(c) Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

And we wonder why we are in our current economic plight!

Birmingham Chamber of Commerce is invited to respond. Just contact

Andy Munro is writing in a personal capacity.


Andy Munro would like to point out that 'my views are personal and not those of the City Council'


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