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Andy’s Blues



After a record breaking 15-match unbeaten run, Blues are officially rubbish again following Wednesday's 3-0 drubbing by Chelsea. Phew! Andy Munro can relax again.

Well the wheels well and truly came off the Blues’ bandwagon and I’m still in state of shock.

It’s now obvious that Blues defence are only Championship class and the only player at the back with a Premiership pedigree is old enough to be a Grandad. Behind them is a keeper who is in danger of believing the hype.

The midfield weren’t much better – can Barry Ferguson make a successful pass over five yards and alongside him is a player ,Lee Bowyer whose legs have gone.Seb Larsson couldn’t take on and beat a defender to save his life whilst on the other flank McFaddie flatters to deceive.

This all might not have been disastrous but for a disappointing forward display. Chucho looked lightweight and scuffed his shots – and let’s face it ,Ecuador couldn’t even qualify for the World Cup finals – whilst Cameron Jerome may be fast but it’s on two left feet.

We desperately need some new forwards but the transfer window is in danger of snapping shut whilst McLeish fiddles around doing ‘due diligence.’

Anyway I’m not convinced about the current manager and fear that he could be another Phil Brown. His backroom staff are uninspiring and Alex seems incapable of tactically changing a game for the better once it’s in full swing.

Aaaaah…..I feel a lot better now. That winning lark just isn’t natural!


Andy Munro would like to point out that 'my views are personal and not those of the City Council'


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