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It’s back to league action for the Villa, which means they’ve forgotten how to score again. Dave Woodhall comments on the lack of goals re-works a very old joke and becomes the millionth football supporter to breath in sharply when having to pay for a cup final ticket.

There was about half an hour gone on Wednesday night and the Arsenal supporters were singing their party piece, “You need more foreigners.” Right on cue the ball broke to Emile Heskey twenty yards out and was promptly lashed into the North Stand. For once Emile’s timing was perfect.

Yes, I know he’s an easy target but that’s never stopped me yet. Emile undoubtedly brings out the best in the players around him but it shouldn’t be beyond the wit and ingenuity of an England international forward to at least be able to hit the target from such a distance.

And that’s Villa’s problem. For all the approach play – and we did look impressive for long periods – yet again there was no end product. We’ve not scored in our last four league games, since mid-December.

That more than anything is what’s going to cost us by the end of the season. Those four games have brought two points when nine wouldn’t have been unjust. We need a goalscorer, or at least we need to see more of Nathan Delfouneso.

Of course, scoring goals in cup games is no problem. We’ve got nine in the two matches, including three at the weekend against Brighton in an FA Cup tie traditionalists would have loved. There wasn’t much chance of an upset but our visitors did well to keep the score to 3-2, aided by some slipshod Villa finishing, without ever looking as though they could get anything from the game.

The away supporters turned up in large numbers, enjoyed themselves, didn’t go in for any of the smalltown stupidity that often infects clubs on big occasions and earned a decent sum in gate receipts. Good luck to them; they’ve had a hard time of it over the past decade and a bit and deserve a day out.

Talking of days out, I’ve got my League Cup final ticket. Well, not exactly got a proper ticket as such, but I have got a bit of paper that says I’ve paid and the ticket will be sent to me as soon as they’re printed, honest Guv.

It’s not one of the most expensive and it’s £70. Seventy pounds sterling. My first three adult season tickets hardly cost that much. I know the new Wembley was way, way over budget but do they really expect me to pay the deficit myself?

Manchester United in the final. We’ve got a good record against them in this competition, and I’m not going to make the obvious joke about them having home advantage. It’s a scurrilous lie to say all United’s fans at Wembley will be from Surrey.

Some will be from Devon as well.



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