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Blues head into FA Cup action today, boasting a top eight league position. Andy Munro still can't quite believe it.

I don't think that I can take this much longer,in fact my wife is threatening to leave me. She says that she's fed up with me constantly moaning at her but I've told her that with the Blues doing so well I have to find an outlet somewhere else!

Stoke haven't been having the best of times yet were still unbeaten at home since September. Consequently it was always going to be a real battle particularly with Stoke's partisan fans. Every respect to them, by the way, but what the heck is the relevance of Tom Joes' Delilah as their theme tune...but on reflection maybe that's not unusual.

Anyway it took some time for us to get any sort of grip on a rather manic game and we were lucky when Shawcross missed, Jerome-like, with the goal gaping - and on the subject of Cameron,he managed to net from close range to put us into the lead.

Unfortunately we were unable to add to our lead and had to endure wave after wave of Delap inspired airborne attacks - has anybody told the Potters that the game is called FOOTball.

Tony Pullis lost a bit of my respect by moaning that Stephen Carr should have been penalised for holding Huth in the penalty area - he conveniently neglected to mention that seconds before Carr was wrongly penalised for a foul.

Both the January transfer window and Manchester United are now on the horizon so let the dreaming begin...Joe Hart £3.5m, Nzogbia£7m, Michel£3m and ANother Striker £6.5m. That's £20m of Carson's money saved straightaway.

Andy Munro would like to point out that 'my views are personal and not those of the City Council'


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