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Get Out review



Dave Woodhall makes further use of his unlimited Cineworld pass to spend a quieter-than-expected afternoon in the cinema. Just shows, some good can come out of this weather.

Once westerns became outdated, Hollywood producers had to think up a way of making use of all those rolling plans and cowboy hats they’d bought. Before long they came up with the idea of taking city folk out into the Big Country, where they could find themselves and get over their midlife crises.

This is another variation on the theme, the twist coming when Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker, playing an estranged Manhattan couple, witness a murder and get spirited away to Wyoming on a witness protection plan. Kindergarten Cop meets City Slickers, if you will.

He’s been playing away, she wants a baby. They wind up in smalltown America, where they’re in more danger from cliché overkill than from any hired gunmen.

The biggest problem it has to overcome is that the couple just don’t seem particularly realistic or even likeable. They live, they die. They’re reconciled, they aren’t. Who cares? They shouldn’t have been together in the first place.

Mary Steenburgen and in particular Sam Elliott as a no-nonsense US marshal steal the show, although my vote for best supporting actor goes to the seven foot grizzly who unfortunately doesn’t move quick enough to catch hold of Grant, himself sounding worryingly like Prince Charles.

If you can get past the hackneyed plot and the spot ‘em a mile off jokes it’s not a bad film. You know what’s coming and you know how it’s all going to end so sit back and enjoy the ride.



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