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Former British Medical Association chairman Sir Sandy Macara has called for children to be excluded from school this week unless they've have the MMR jab. Dr Peter Mansfield takes umbrage.

Although the Department of Health continues publicly to assert that vaccines should remain a voluntary option, the BMA this week debates a proposal to make MMR compulsory.

Kites like this have been flown before, but it distresses me that any doctor would ever entertain such an idea. To impose by law upon a perfectly healthy child a vaccine which carries a small but real risk of harm, against a disease which a healthy child will ride out perfectly well, is negligence of the duty of care. The effect, across a population, is bound to include a number of adverse reactions which may or may not clear up.

Furthermore, to impose simultaneously three live vaccines representing diseases that can never naturally co-habit the same body, is to raise the bar unnecessarily and unacceptably. The combination is less efficient and requires two doses at least, whereas given singly one of each provides reliable protection for 1-2 decades.

As if this were not enough, it is inappropriate to the point of negligence to impose vaccines against rubella and mumps a full decade before these diseases pose any threat, and deprive the victim of an opportunity of life-long protection from harmless natural infection at a safe age (before the onset of puberty).

It is just as extraordinary that the public has not risen in outrage against these monstrous arrangements, even when technically optional. Pressure to accept has been relentless, for decades. The supine acceptance by our public health officials of whatever the vaccine manufacturers wish to sell has been a scandal since the mid 1980s.

If no robust objections are registered against what is happening by a sufficient proportion of the public, then we shall get whatever the power-that-be want us to have. And it will be no more than we deserve.

MPs - particularly now - reckon one personally written letter expressing a strong opinion on any subject is worth about 250 votes. Write to yours, and tell him what you think. Tell him or her the Department of Health agenda is bogus and contrary to the interests of healthy children.

Assert that if vaccines become compulsory, so must state-funded vaccine damage compensation.

The truth is we have been running on good home hygiene and decent nourishment for the past century. If you are prepared to put in those vital assets, nobody has the right to insist you take part in measures that insult your intelligence, cannot help your child's health and may conceivably harm it.


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