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Andy’s Balti Blog

IMRAN (Ladypool Rd)


An old balti traditional gets the once over from our curry king Andy Munro.

Imran has always been seen as one of the heavyweights on the baltiscene and after several year’s absence, I returned with no little anticipation.

The restaurant was refurbished in the aftermath of the tornado and has been smartened up and extended without losing its ‘street cred’ look. On arrival the place was buzzing(always a good sign) probably due to the Ashes at Edgbaston.

Our party was shown to one of the few spare tables and it must be said that throughout the meal, the service was polite and punctual. Paid for poppadoms were accompanied by a quite bewildering array of chutnies and dips – from the usual yoghourt and mint smoothie to a green one which I am sure would have glowed luminously in the dark.

Imran has always been known for its Tandoori Lamb Chops and these didn’t disappoint – a tender trio of a decent size and packed with a really tasty punch.

I also sampled one of the Stuffed Mushrooms with Paneer and Herbs and these came encased in breadcrumbs. A sort of 1970s Balti Berni affair and despite the mouthwatering menu description it was disappointingly overdone and, to be frank, a bit grainy.

Others in the party more sensibly went for the Sheekh Kebabs and like the lamb chops they were excellent.

My main course was a Balti Chicken Bhuna described as ‘being served up in a balti’. I’m afraid my idea of a balti bowl was a bit different to the small shiny dish in which the balti was served. However ,to be fair,it was rich and tomatoey and the chicken breast was top quality.

My view wasn’t shared by my wife who declared that her Balti Chicken and Mushroom was a bit one dimensional and nothing to write home about. The accompanying Garlic Naan was disappointingly dry but was rescued by the numerous nuggets of garlic cloves.

I was too full for a sweet but my wife opted for the first example that I’ve seen of fusion ice cream – a traditional Mali Kulfi, unnecessarily anointed with the sort of bright red raspberry sauce that is the trademark of Mr Whippies across the land!

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