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After beating Pompey and avoiding humiliation at Manchester United, even the prospect of Carson Yeung making another bid for power at Blues can't dim Andy Munro's early season enthusiasm.

Who would have thought that after playing our first game away at Man Ure, we would be outside the relegation zone and above the Villa. Okay so we haven’t any points but it was the performance that was so heartening when I had braced myself for the depressing worst.

Obviously this will mean very little unless we get four points from the next two home games but I certainly feel a bit more optimistic. Joe Hart,apart from a couple of early nervous flaps, was commanding, quick off his line, and kicking with the sort of conviction that Maik has never been able to muster.

In the back four, whilst Stephen Carr got pulled out of position a bit helping the centre of defence,he battled manfully. Gregory Vignal, on the opposite flank looked a great catch..hard as nails,no slouch and intelligent going forward – if he was McVignal, the Smurphy wouldn’t get a look in. Frankie Q did himself no harm in spite of losing the Roon for the opening goal and Roger Johnson was, to use Match of the Day parlance,’immense’.

In midfield Barry Ferguson played keepball like it was Rangers against Dumbarton, aided and abetted by Lee ‘the Enforcer’ Carsley. Keith Fahy added some real vision and skill to this midfield mix. The wide players also did their bit with Larsson never stopping his probing and tracking back whilst McFad was the handful to the opposition that we know he can be.

Not to forget Cameron J who troubled the ManUre defence with his pace and was unlucky not to net.Of the subs,Chucho Benitez showed no fear and no little skill to nearly snatch us a point.

It was all very pleasing in trying circumstances with Carlsson showing immaculate timing(not) with his latest takeover bid and David Gold being worryingly evasive on a prematch interview on Radio 5 .According to David G , the Blues have an agent working for them presumably because the Board can’t trust their own judgement after the last debacle.

What I can’t understand is that we are supposedly the only debt free club in the Premier and,as the second city, we can only attract one bid from an individual whose apparently been fined for business malpractice and is the figurehead for a firm that is showing a major trading defecit.

Whilst he might be able to scrape together the £70m there’s no point in a takeover unless he then has extra money to properly invest in players. Let’s just hope that the Blues notorious Zulus are not going to be replaced by the Triads!


Andy Munro would like to point out that 'my views are personal and not those of the City Council'


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