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The latest instalment in Glyn Berrington’s efforts to get Dudley’s numerous potholes filled. Last time out, the “Head of Street and Green Care” Garry Dean had switched from email to snail mail, and although he’s now got the hang of the computer, Glyn still isn’t happy.

Here’s your chance to catch up on the previous correspondence.

Now, onto the latest stuff – an email sent on Friday by Garry Dean, Head Of Street and Green Care.

Dear Mr Berrington
I refer to your email to me of 16th June 2009 and of previous emails regarding potholes in the borough.
I am pleased that my letter of 11th June 2009 reached you and that you are able to comment on its contents, particularly as you state that it was not sent to your correct postal address. I am somewhat disappointed however that you seem more interested in the use of apostrophes in the letter rather than its contents.
I believe that I have explained the Councils [sic] position in respect of this matter to you but will ensure that your concerns regarding potholes in the locations detailed below are investigated by our Street Maintenance Team.

Should you have further enquiries regarding the service please forward them to Dudley Council Plus in order that they may be recorded and actioned accordingly.
Yours sincerely
Garry Dean

And here’s Glyn’s reply:


You really are annoying me now.

My lengthy and detailed reply did not indicate in any way that I was more concerned about the misuse of apostrophes than the real matter in hand.

But it reflects badly on the Council that they let you, or your secretary, loose to deal with the general public when you don't know how to use the English language - indeed you've done it again in this email - it's "Council's position" - quite how you rise to such dizzy heights as your job title suggests when you can't correctly use the English language is beyond me.

What does concern me MORE is that even in this reply you've singularly failed to address the specific points which I raised, and to undertake to repair the roads I mentioned within the timescale which I quoted.

Please understand this: as a Council Tax payer, I'M PAYING YOUR SALARY - I work in the real commercial world where, if my company gives its customers bad service, it loses those customers.

You are in a very privileged environment where your "customers" have no choice either as to which service provider to opt for, nor indeed how much they pay for the service. So please starrt dealing with your paying public with the respect which they deserve.

I have nothing further to add, and will now diarise for four weeks from my previous email. If the road repairs haven't been carried out by that date I will take the action which I indicated then.

Coincidentally, it's been drawn to my attention today that Staffs County Council are taking this issue very seriously

I only wish that Dudley MBC would do the same, and would also appreciate how badly it reflects on the borough that its roads are in such a terrible state - remember, the very long list of potholes which I've had cause to report in recent weeks covers only a small part of the borough.

Glyn Berrington



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