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pot hole

Stirrer blogger Gyn Berrington has been keeping readers updated on the Forum about the state of Dudley’s potholed roads. Here’s a sample of his correspondence with the Council which has led him almost – but not quite – to the Chief Executive’s office.

We join the already lengthy correspondence with Dudley Council Plus on 26 May…

In addition to the lengthy list in the email I sent you yesterday, I've today identified the following holes which are in need of repair. In many cases these are LONG OVERDUE for repair and some are now DANGEROUS.

Stourbridge Rd Holly Hall at traffic lights, approaching from BH travelling towards Dudley

Denleigh Rd Kford, many old and new

Bromley Lane, at jcn with Standhills Rd; at jcn with Rangeways Rd; opposite BP Petrol Station; at and near jcn with Lapwood Avenue; at and near Bromley Bridge

The Knoll nr jcn with Oakfield Ave
Oakfield Ave outside no 4

Greenfields Rd outside nos 25/27

Granville Drive at jcns with Fairview Drive and Rose Avenue; outside nos 46 and 106 (Dangerous); outside no 92; at jcn with Kendall Rise

Tennyson St and Milton St Pensnett, both of these roads are in an apalling condition with about 30+ potholes in need of repair and long overdue

Bankwell St (Wallows Estate) opp no 10 on road and footpath

This is not an exhaustive list - I highlighted more yesterday and there are many more

I would appreciate a reply from the Chief Executive explaining why the Council is taking such an inordinate amount of time to repair pot-holes. I wold also point out that in many instances these are pot-holes which have been repaired previously, which suggests to me that the repairing process is defective

Thank you

Glyn Berrington

Glyn’s plea for a reply from the Chief Executive John Polychronakis went unanswered, so on Tuesday he sent a sharp reminder to Kerry Jones,

I asked politely in my email of 26 May for the Chief Executive to respond to me on the subject of pot-holes, and what I consider the Council's poor performance in dealing with them.

He has not had the courtesy to do so. Since I'm paying his salary, I consider that downright rude and THOROUGHLY UNACCEPTABLE - at a time when "public servants" are under close scrutiny, I find this disgraceful.

I continue to report new pot-holes on a regular basis, the problem is getting worse not better, and although the staff of Dudley Council Plus do now have the courtesy at least to respond individually to my emails, and yellow-paint is appearing round them more promptly, the key performance test, ie "are they being promptly repaired?" - is still not being met.

As an example, I would like to invite the Chief Executive to accompany me on a drive along any or all of Tennyson Street and Milton Street Pensnett and The Portway Kingswinford.

I am expecting a response to this by return.

Glyn Berrington

Yesterday came a reply. Still no word from the Chief Exec I’m afraid, but this response from Customer Services manager Sean Beckett suggests Glyn is getting closer.

Dear Mr Berrington,

Thank you for your recent emails regarding pot-holes.

I can confirm that those listed in your email of 26th May have been reported and will either have been resolved or are in the process of being investigated.

I note your comment about your request to the Chief Executive. I cannot confirm that your earlier emails have been forwarded to the Chief Executive at this point, but should be able to do this tomorrow. I will respond further once I have this information.

In the meantime, if you need to contact me, please do not hesitate to do so.

Sean Beckett
Customer Services Manager

We’ll keep you updated on developments.

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