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In a week of footballer’s tantrums, serial mistresses, and threatened executions, Stirrer editor Adrian Goldberg finds the biggest joy is finding out something he doesn’t know.

It’s been a storming week on Talksport with a clutch of busy show, topped off by the news that my listening figures have risen for the third quarter in a row. Not quite trebles all round, but maybe worth half a shandy – if you’re paying.

As a relatively experienced presenter there are some subjects you just know will grab the audience’s attention, and spotting those items is part of the skill.

That’s why when I read about serial mistress Karen Marley in Thursday’s Daily Mail, I just knew I had to interview her. She’s an utterly charming 42-year old woman who is waiting for “the perfect man”, but in the meantime is quite happy dating mostly married blokes she meets on the internet for “no strings” relationships.

Even so, I was taken aback by the level of hostility towards her, not least from male listeners who launched into her – “tart”, “whore” and “prostitute” were some of the more polite descriptions.

Such was the interest in my pre-recorded interview with Karen that she agreed to come on live at 3am, having been listening to us at home and bombarding the show with emails. She hung around fielding calls for the next hour and a half.

Like I say, though, this was essentially a no-brainer.

Likewise getting reaction to Chelsea’s controversial Champions League defeat in midweek. A string of dodgy refereeing decisions, and a wild over-reaction by the likes of Didier Drogba meant that this was a “banker” with Talksport’s audience.

The delight, though, is throwing a talking point out there and getting back more than you bargained for.

On Friday morning, along with the serial mistress, I mentioned calls for a ban on a “legal high” called Spice Gold. Never heard of it myself, but was confident some of my listeners would be aware of it.

Too right they were, but they were queuing up to tell me about an even more powerful stimulant – an hallucinogenic called Salvia. Perfectly legal apparently, and available in several strengths, which mimic the effects of LSD.

This drug is so powerful that you are advised to avoid using it alone.

One user told me that the first time he had it, he felt like the walls were closing in on him, but then everyday items in his kitchen became like the five continents, and – in his own mind – he was bestriding planet earth. Blimey.

Another caller said that on his estate in Glasgow, it was widely enjoyed by 11 and 12 year olds. Strewth. I’m sure at that age I was happy with a sherbert fountain.

Given that there’s now 150% more cocaine on the streets than three years ago, I not sure what point banning these substances will achieve, other than putting more cash into the hands of dealers.

All the same, it’s remarkable to discover that despite the never ending “war on drugs”, folk can still get access to such a mindbending trip without breaking the law.

I can’t pretend of not being tempted, but having heard about the “kicked like a mule comedown”, just for now I’ll stick to the safer high of getting a decent audience.

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