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Protestors trying to save Birmingham Racial Attacks Monitoring Unit are urging supporters to turn out in numbers outside the Council tomorrow for a high noon demo.

Campaigners insist that hundreds of victims of hate crime, racial bullying and harassment will have no where to turn to if BRAMU is force to close.

They say that since the organisation was set up 20 years ago, it has successfully dealt with more than 3,500 cases and has received in excess of 30,000 telephone contacts from desperate victims of racial bullying and harassment.

Currently, BRAMU, has more than 120 on-going cases on its books.

Maxie Hayles, Chairman of BRAMU, says: “Since the economic downturn there has been a huge surge in the number of telephone enquiries and pleas for help from people who are being subjected to racist bullying, harassment and violent attacks.

“Birmingham City Council could not have decided to cut our funding at a worse time.

“It seems the economic downturn is bringing out the worse in sections of the community. Some people are not just experiencing financial hardship, but are being subjected to racial bullying and harassment as well.

“We are the only community-based organisation in the city providing this kind of service to help these victims. By cutting our funding Birmingham City Council are turning a blind eye to racial bullying and harassment and ignoring the plight of large numbers or its citizens.”

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