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Nigel Hastilow

Nigel Hastilow, forced to quit as a Conservative candidate in the Black Country after endorsing Enoch Powell's views on immigration has insisted - "I'm no racist." But in his only full-length, unedited interview since the controversy broke, he admitted to Stirrer TV it was a mistake to use Powell's name to support his argument.

Looking weary after days of being hounded by the media, Hastilow explained that he has no issue with anyone's skin colour, religion, or heritage - what concerns him is the growing population of the country and the infrastructure needed to sustain it.

He also launched a broadside against the welfare state, which sustains 1.7 million unemployed even though (as thousands of Poles have discovered) there are clearly jobs available.

Although he has been courted by UKIP and the BNP and encouraged to stand as an indepdendent, Hastilow said that he was still a Conservative member and would do nothing to hurt the party.

The Stirrer's interview with Nigel is now here


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