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HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT (Thurs 5 Mar, The Robin)


Half Man Half Biscuit

They’re the band who - legend has it – once missed a Top of The Pops appearance so they could watch Tranmere Rovers. Dave Woodhall can’t wait for Thursday.

If the name Half Man Half Biscuit means nothing to you, you’re not alone.

HMHB are virtually unknown outside a cult following of thirty-and-upwards-somethings who latched onto their tales of the minutiae of mid-eighties life – football, D-list celebrities and childrens’ television mainly – and have continued to be entertained by the band ever since.

That’s not to say they’re stuck in a timewarp; HMHB songs continue to reflect modern society in all its glories.

They’re not really miseryarses either – the band have their audiences laughing as well as singing along with the irritatingly-catchy songs they knock out with ease.

And if you’ve heard of them, you’ll know all about this gig and have already got your tickets.

If this sounds like the sort of night you’d enjoy – and you’d have to be dead or take X Factor seriously not to - it’s £16, £18 on the door, and for further information contact the Robin2 on 01902-401211 or



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