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It’s not exactly the beautiful game, but Blues have been showing enough early season endeavour to suggest they won’t be a pushover this season. Blogger Andy Munro has secured the ideal location to watch them sweat – his holiday retreat in Spain.

Once the Brummie Bashers,always the Brummie Bashers – I could tell that we were back in the Premiership when I heard Mark ‘greaseball’ Lawrenson say on his Radio 5 Friday round up re Blues v Stoke…’something to watch from the garden shed’. It was his agricultural attempt to be funny but sums up generally what the media think of us.

As it happens,for once,he may have been right according to my Andalucian edition of the Daily Mail I bought on holiday. It suggested that it was a good performance by the back four with midfielder Barry Ferguson man of the match although Lee Bowyer scored an alarming 4 out of 10.It also seems that Gary O’Connor came nearest to scoring which is a bit worrying in itself.

Onward to the Saints match which I again had to digest second hand from the Sierra Nevada and it seems that we were lucky to win. In fairness none of the Premier sides had it their own way. However I suppose it was a bit disappointing that we had to rely on a 30+ midfielder to net although Benitez was apparently ‘frighteningly fast’…let’s hope that he is not a mini Cameron.

Onto Spurz and frustratingly my son e mailed me with a 1-1 final ‘result’ not thinking for a moment that the referee would stretch extra time for 5 minutes to ensure that Blues lost.

It might have been Stephen Carr’s mistake but why inconvenience him and lose his overlapping skills to accommodate Parnaby whose going to be average whichever side he plays.

Harry ‘The Fixer’Rednapp was at his patronising best it would seem when he said that Blues were as likely to score in the last 15 minutes but by then Spurs should have been out of sight.

However from a Blues point of view a fairly encouraging performance except why play Gary O’Connor and confine ‘Chucho’ Benitez to another Zarate style cameo? It was noticeable that our most threatening spell came when the substitution was made.

My other McLeish moan is why is he after midfielder Michel on the basis that ‘we need more bodies’ when everybody can see that we need a forward. Mind you I will be pleasantly surprised if we sign even Michel with Blues current Board typically offering a downpayment of 50p and a £1 everytime Karen Brady has a Paella.

At least our defence looks sound particularly once Vignal returns and (Desperate?) Dann is available…never mind Espinoza who has now also become available now he has moved out of the digs that he was sharing with Lord Lucan.

Anyway let’s hope everybody is back and available for the Villa match and I,for one, would start with two from three up front from Cameron, Superkev and Chucho.


Andy Munro would like to point out that 'my views are personal and not those of the City Council'


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