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Like a gap year student lost in the Outback, Birmingham’s classic 70s statue King Kong was feared lost forever? But now Andy Munro has spotted the great ape – although readers who remember the beast in his prime should be prepared for a shock.

One of Brum’s most iconic pieces of public art has been spotted in Penrith.

King Kong

Unfortunately, King Kong has been painted white and rumour has it that this either was an attempted tribute to Michael Jackson or a cowardly attack by the BNP. To add to Kong’ s misery, he is now in the rural Cumbria when he would rather be back in the Urban Jungle that is Birmingham.

There is currently an undercover ‘gorilla’ campaign to bring him back home although finding him a suitable location is thought to be a problem.

Perhaps when the existing Library is flattened he could be placed on the cleared site? (only joking Alan).

Of course an ideal place would be on top of the Big Peg in the Jewellery Quarter where he could be seen for miles around.

However he won’t come cheap and the question is whether the ‘luvvies’ at the Arts Council would help fund the acquisition of a piece of Public Art that normal Brummies can enjoy.

As an alternative maybe Cadbury’s would sponsor him as part of their Wispa Campaign?

In the meantime, Stirrer readers can help with the following factfinding:-
- is the artist still alive?
- what possessed him to make King Kong?
- where is the maquette?
- how much did it cost to make and how much was it sold for to the current owners/
- what is it made of and what is its approximate weight?


Honorary President of the King Kong Appreciation Society( Motto; Get King Kong Back and Black!)


Andy Munro would like to point out that 'my views are personal and not those of the City Council'


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