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Not content with grilling Conservative leader David Cameron, Dr David Nicholl has been preparing for a long distance run in a gorilla suit. All in aid of charity, of course.

It was Harold Macmillan who, in answering the question, what was most likely to blow governments off course - “Events dear boy, events”.

Macmillan was not thinking of athletic events when he came out with this off-quoted line, but perhaps this quote could refer to me this week.

What seemed like a good idea in June, to raise some money for charity, suddenly seems like a pain in the back- side, when my interview with David Cameron is due to be broadcast on Monday 29th September (Panorama, BBC1 8.30pm).

However a commitment is a commitment, and its important not to take oneself too seriously. Thus on Saturday, political animal that I am, I will be donning a Gorilla costume and running through the streets of London with 700 others.

I admit my training schedule has been a bit slack of late, but the Cameron interview has got me thinking. Maybe even here, there is an opportunity to think of novel ways to get people to engage with politics, and raise a bit of money for charity as well.

Just answer this simple question, and put your money where you mouth is.

If you think I gave a good interview to David Cameron click here and sponsor me (all money donated will go to ‘gorilla rights’ charity, the Gorilla Organization). If you think I gave a lousy interview and deserve a good kick up the back-side, click here and sponsor me (all money donated will go to the human rights charity, Reprieve).

This may not be the most scientific opinion poll, but could be one of the funniest.

Its certainly a novel way to raise money for charity and get people talking about politics, and at least you know all the money will go direct to charity unlike some of the BBC phone-ins.

Maybe we need to see Jeremy Vine or Paxman in a gorilla costume, perish the thought.

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