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Dr David Nicholl

As President Bush prepares to leave after his 2 day visit to the UK, David Nicholl announces the arrival of a great ape, ‘George the Guantanamo Guerilla'. Is he monkeying around? The Stirrer exclusively reveals all.

As you know I am a bit of a political animal, a bit bananas and you also will be aware that President Bush is soon no longer to be the US President.

I think there is a unique opportunity to mark these facts and also that one of the biggest banana skins in his political career has been the abuse of human rights with Guantanamo and other secret prisons.

Thus I am planning in taking part in the London Gorilla race as "George the Guantanamo Guerilla" to point out just how much a monkey George has made of all of this, as well as raise some money for charity.

The London Gorilla Race has been set up by the Gorilla Organization (founded by the late Dian Fossey who lived with the gorillas) and works to protect endangered mountain gorillas in their native habitat. So if you can picture 1000 people running through the streets of London in Gorilla outfits with one of them wearing a George Bush mask and an orange jump suit, you will get the idea!

Some may say I am being frivolous & just monkeying around, I would say I am being very serious, and it is only President Bush who is failing to take this issue seriously, and maybe given that Bush has re-introduced the medieval practice of 'water-boarding'.

It sometimes takes a Jester to tell the 'leader of the free World' some harsh truths.

The race takes place on September 27th and I can be sponsored via

Finally, you may ask why is ‘George’ raising money for Gorilla rights rather than some money for a human rights organisation, ......simple... George is well known for being a bit thick!


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