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Fudgestock is a music festival to raise awareness for Breast Cancer, and it will be held this year at The Public in West Bromwich on July 4. Brendan Hawthorne celebrates a worthy campaign.

It’s year five and
a pink tu tu
toot toot
to you

Festival hilarity
So much money
Raised for charity
A poster campaign
Through sun and rain
Spreads the word
For all to be heard
As poets and bands
Lend a hand
An artistic share
To be breast cancer aware
Through a marathon postie
Who spends his time mostly
Working for the good
With his mate Jud
And so today
Where the pink meets the grey
Hope and remembrance
Form a defiant stance
In laughter and grief
Positive belief
Being pretty in pink
Makes you think
Get your friends around
Buy badges by the pound
All of us together
Sister and brother
We can beat this disease
If we please
So help the Fudge
Meet up with the Judge
Get down and rock
At this years ‘Fudgestock’
It’ll be sublime
In 2009!

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