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With Albion on the brink of promotion and their first Football League championship for 88 years, Terry Wills is, for once, a contented man.  Well, almost.

Wow…we are almost there. And if Albion blow it at this stage no one, me included, will EVER forgive them!.

Friday…The first day of celebration. .Tony Mowbray and the players attend the Supporters Club annual end of season dinner receiving rapturous plaudits and acclaim from the ‘Barmy fans’ who have revelled in the brilliant displays put on for their delight!

My tip for the Supporters Club overall Player of the season Award? Zoltan Gera.

Saturday…We’re not in action but without doubt every fan will be roaring on Neil Warnock’s Crystal Palace when they travel to play Hull City.

Yep Mr Warnock. He who has riled fans up and down the land seemingly since time began.  A point for Palace and the Baggies are promoted. What a prospect.  “Come on you Eagles”

Sunday….If Hull haven’t won it’ll be time to put feet up, watch the games on Sky and look forward to the celebrations 24 hours hence!

Monday…Promotion Party time…….!!!??? Well without any ‘real’ pressure and knowing however desperate Southampton will be battling for survival surely with the a full house crowd baying for ‘blood’ the three points will go a long way towards helping West Bromwich Albion pick up their first League silverware since 1920?

(You know even now I can envisage seeing the Championship Winners arriving at Sandwell Council House holding the Trophy aloft in joyous celebration)

What a great four days but even they’ll be put in the shade on Sunday May 4th when the eventual title winners will be decided.

The traditional last match away day theme against Queens Park Rangers at Loftus Road is a ‘Tribute to Super Kevin Phillips’ and however and whenever his contract dealings are resolved no one can deny he HAS been a phenomenal signing.

Who wants to estimate just how many ‘Caped Crusader Superman Costumes’ will be flying from the Hawthorns to Loftus Road!

Yep along with the others I’m a very contented Baggies fan and who in my position would feel any different?

But then I say to myself ‘Calm down Terry remember it’s the Baggies we’re talking about. they could still somehow manage to cock it up!

Somehow I don’t think they will and even if they fail to clinch the Title I’m already anticipating the pitfalls and drawbacks lying in wait for Tony Mowbray and Jeremy Peace when we realise we’ll be playing the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and whisper it quietly Aston Villa next season.

But more of that in the future for now lets make it a massive Promotion come next Monday night and discuss these issues when ‘Greed League’ football is assured!

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