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Staff at Birmingham’s old people’s homes have been warned they can expect to lose their jobs within five years. This follows revelations that 180 staff are being made redundant following the forthcoming closure of two homes in the city.

Peter Hay, the city’s Strategic Director Adults & Communities, issued a statement confirming the 180 job losses, comprising 133 care staff & 47 catering & domestic staff.

That’s obviously bad enough, but it’s the next line which will chill the spine of other employees in homes for the elderly.

Hay says: “The closure order of our remaining homes is currently out to consultation and we estimate that staff working in these homes will continue to be employed for up to a further 5 years.”

Unions have already warned that if there are compulsory redundancies, industrial action is likely.

The current round of redundancies are likely to take effect by mid July 2009.

Hay insists: “A full support programme has been developed for staff and there has been consultation with unions throughout.”

He adds: “We are not acting in isolation on this issue, this is part of a national trend towards greater personalisation of services.

”The social care workforce is actually growing, at a rate of 8% nationally. Of this, the number of staff working in local govt has decreased from 228,000 to 221,000.

“Conversely, the number of staff working in the independent sector has increased from 998,000 to 1.07 million. The number of Personal Assistants has increased from 113,000 to 152,000."



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