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Not content with living large on expenses, our elected representatives have come up with another little ruse to piss off voters - automated email filters that prevent voters corresponding with them on the big issues of the day. Which is something of a problem if, like Audrey Miller, you want to engage them with something really important.

I have a really important invitation to issue to the MPs of the Midland Region and in the past would have sent them an email. Now I find that automated replies are the order of the day.

When I email demands come for my postcode and the warning that each MP will only deal with bono fide constituents living in their area. I wonder when these elaborate email filter were instituted?

I am left feeling some what cheated of any opportunity to get in touch with Members of Parliament from All Parliamentary Parties.

I wanted to ask all MPs to support The Vulture Fund Bill on 26th February.

Andrew Gwynne MP has taken up a Private Members Bill to tackle Vulture Funds and prevent such funds using UK law to prey on poor countries.

100 MPs are needed to vote for the bill and no objections be made, if we are to avoid it being lost by the calling of the election.

Thousands of Jubilee Debt Campaigners across the region will be looking to see if their MP has signed ED M 618 and if they actually appear on 26th February to vote, so protecting millions of pounds of from going to speculators rather than the poor countries it was intended for.

I would have thought politicians wanted to know what issues are important to the " grassroots" seems modern means of communication
not the means they want to use.



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