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Yesterday - Photo Alastair Muir

Photo: Alastair Muir

Richard Lutz has his socks knocked off at the British Dance Edition festival at The Rep

If you go to a play, you can figure out the plot. With music, you can hear where it is going and with opera…’s all in the singing isn’t it?

But with dance, it’s not so much of what you see on stage, but how you react to it.

That’s why I never look at the notes or programmes. They tell you too much.

The Jasmin Vardimon Company gave us its production of Yesterday at the Rep - all part of the British Dance Edition roll out.

And the good news - for those who like dance and those that like the Rep- is the main theatre was at least 80 per cent filled. Usually this monster of a space can eat up people at a ravenous pace. It’s good to see it so busy.

The company put on a startling performance and because I never looked at those programmes people were flashing around, I think, I repeat, I think, this electric piece was about love, lust, sexual attraction and, once again, the simple heartbeart of love.

Using big screens, live micro cameras and laser pens on small overheads, they created a cutting edge 90 minute production that encaptured raw power, humour and sometimes violent interaction to show how love creates, mystifies and destroys.

Simply put, 90 minutes wasn’t enough. Jasmin Vardimon directed a brilliant take on the human heart

More dance comes our way this spring with the International Dance Festival.

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