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The campaign to get a fair deal for disabled Wolves supporters who lost their parking spaces this season jumped from The Stirrer to Radio Five Live – and finally secured a promise of consultation from the club’s Communications Officer Matt Grayson. Now, as Brendan King reports, the club has been as good as its word.

When I was deselected, this season, from a slot within the Wolves disabled supporters parking area (I'm a wheelchair user) I mounted a campaign for a review of the strange, opaque, manner of allocation for the 48 spaces. Nearly 100 applications had been received.

I was given short shrift, until continued publicity on the Stirrer led to a full page feature in the Express and Star and (with Goldy’s direct help) a national feature on a BBC Radio 5 Live.

After refusing to meet with me, or give ground in any way on my complaint and that of 87 yr old Thomas Jones a wheelchair user and lifelong supporter who had also been deselected for a slot) about the way allocation had been decided differently this season, Matt Grayson (Wolves Head of Marketing and Communications) agreed to consult with disabled season ticket holders before the season's end.

So, after many months of patient and courteous writing and emailing, I let Matt Grayson know that I was content with this commitment to review allocation and consult with fans.

My main aim has been to obtain a fair system of allocation, that is understood clearly by all applicants for a disabled supporters parking slot and that has been agreed by a consensus of Wolves disabled fans, who have an interest in applying for a parking slot.

Due to the publicity generated, quite a large number of disabled season ticket holders have approached me on subsequent match days and expressed their appreciation for the campaign I carried out. They were also frustrated as they considered they’d received rough justice and lack of clarity in parking allocation.

They also said how important was the issue of very late and poor communication with those refused a parking slot - an issue I also raised and which Matt Grayson has already accepted as a valid complaint and promised to resolve.

I was very pleased, therefore, to receive and invitation (this weekend) from Matt Grayson to apply to attend a meeting of season ticket holder 'volunteers', to discuss parking allocation and Early Bird pricing of season tickets.

The meeting is at Molineux at 5.00pm, ahead of the evening fixture with Tottenham Hotspur on Wed. 10th February.

I’m not sure whether I’ll receive an invitation, as the numbers of volunteers that will be invited are limited to 20. If numbers volunteering to attend the meeting exceed 20 a lottery will be held. So I wait to see if I’m one of those invited.

If I’m not able to be at the meeting, I’ll send my views in writing and will keep the Stirrer informed of whatever arises out of the consultations.

This meeting, which is very important to disabled Wolves supporters such as myself, would not be happening if it were not for the existence of the Stirrer Forum and the interest shown by our editor Adrian Goldberg. Several highly effective front page features were posted by Adrian and which demonstrate the power of this forum.



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