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Villa youngster Nathan Baker has been caught selling tickets for the League Cup final to his friends on Facebook. The 18 year-old, currently on loan at Lincoln, was charging £200 a time – but will now not be able to attend the match.

The Stirrer was contacted by a fan concerned at the sale, with Baker boasting at one point that he’d still “got five left”.

When we contacted Villa this morning, they acted with exemplary swiftness, and said the defender – who was occasionally made the bench for European matches - would be disciplined.

In a statement, a spokesman said: “The Club is saddened that Nathan has been so foolish. All of the players were made aware that tickets for the Carling Cup final are available for their own use only and, following this incident, the message has been repeated to them.

“It shouldn’t be forgotten, however, that Nathan is just 18 years old and he has a lot to learn. His actions were naive and he is extremely embarrassed and regretful at having let down himself, the Club and Aston Villa fans.

“Any tickets that have been given or sold to players are for the use of their friends and family only. The Club has made it clear that no employee may resell any tickets which they have been given.

“All of the Club’s players have been informed that they are not entitled to re-sell any tickets which they have been given or sold and that the Club will take appropriate action if they do so.

“Nathan said, “I wish to apologise unreservedly to the fans for my actions. I appreciate that it is a privilege to be part of Aston Villa Football Club and one day I hope to play in the first team, but I understand that my behaviour off the pitch must speak as loudly as my actions on the pitch.

“I have been informed by the Club that I will no longer be receiving any tickets for the Carling Cup final and, while I will be sorry not to be able to cheer Aston Villa on at Wembley, I understand and appreciate that it would be inappropriate for me to have these tickets given my actions.”



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