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Back to pessimism for our Wolves blogger Brendan King as a creditable draw against Liverpool was followed by two dropped points, FA Cup defeat and no more signings. He’s not best pleased.

It’s been a dismal week again for Wolves fans. First off for us to moan about, is that no significant signings were made during the transfer window, just a couple of unknown loan signings from a Belgian club, costing peanuts and, likely, to provide peanut levels of player reward.

Then, after a memorable scoreless draw at home to Liverpool that momentarily bucked up spirits, Wolves produced a lacklustre performance with a 2-2 draw away at Hull, a club we really should have to beat if we are to remain a credible Premiership team. Mind you, Hull then went on to produce a 1-1 draw at home to Chelsea on Tuesday evening, indicating that they’re not such easy meat at the KC Stadium.

Then, on the same Tuesday evening, a supposedly strong team of regular Wolves starters produced one of their regular shockers in going down 3-1 to bankrupt Crystal Palace. This was in the FA Cup 4th round replay, allowing a normally non-scoring full back turned winger (Danny Butterfield) to score a hat-trick against them within a disastrous six minute spell.

This was halfway through the second half of a dire match, just after Mick McCarthy tried to win the game from 0-0 by bringing on ‘strikers’ Sylvan Ebanks-Blake and Chris Iwelumo. I put ‘strikers’ in inverted commas as neither has scored this season (except for a Blake penalty). A win would have brought a lucrative home tie against local rivals Aston Villa, earning at least half a million quid and probably twice as much again in live TV rights.

Which brings me back to why Wolves fans are mortified that a proven Premiership striker hasn’t been signed up in the transfer period. This seemed vital to enable Wolves to start scoring goals and winning some matches. Not that Wolves management hasn’t tried, with even old favourite Robbie Keane turning down a massive deal to come back to Wolves for a lesser one at his boyhood favourite team, Glasgow Celtic.

Apparently, Wolves offered a £1 million loan signing on fee, plus £70,000 per week in wages for Robbie for the rest of the season, whilst Celtic couldn’t afford the £1 million and are ‘only’ paying £65,000 a week in wages.

Anyway, Robbie, along with fellow new striker signing, Diomansy Camara (who I remember scoring easily against Wolves at Molineux when he was a Baggies player) appeared in horrible day-glo yellow hoops for Celtic on Tuesday. Neither debutant managed to score and Celtic lost 1-0 to Kilmarnock. So, perhaps, we have not missed out too devastatingly in not managing to gazump Celtic on this one.

At least, it seems, Moxey and McCarthy tried to bring in some quality, by offering well over the odds on several players, but couldn’t find any takers. They aren’t the only club to find the January transfer window a complete farce and absolute denial of an orderly process of freedom of trade.

So it’s no use moaning about no quality fresh blood, Wolves tried and failed. It is now up to our five main fit ‘strikers’ to start scoring whenever they're included in the team, a feat they’ve signally failed to achieve to any great extent this season.

This includes Kevin Doyle (5 goals), Sylvan Ebanks-Blake (1 penalty), Chris Iwelumo (0 goals), Sam Vokes (0 goals) and Stefan Maierhofer (1 goal). If Andy Keogh regains fitness soon (1 goal this season) he may add a vital spark, despite him often being our most derided goal-shy forward in the past.

All of our so-called strikers have become goal-shy faced with the hugely greater demands of the Premiership. But they now have to up their game, as Wolves survival is now primarily down to them.

We can blame the defence for the kind of shambles produced against Crystal Palace, but without any forward taking any chances created and a goal record of 27 goals in 23 games, with the sparse goal tally coming mainly from midfielders, defenders or opposition own goals, the confidence will continue to spiral downwards within the squad as a whole. To state the obvious, we won’t win any matches if we don’t score any goals.

I have a ticket for the wheelchair area of St Andrews on Sunday (Birmingham City v Wolves) along with a free helper ticket for my Bluenose supporting younger brother. He was with me when Wolves had the shocker of a 1-0 loss against the Blose at Molineux earlier in the season. This will be my first visit back to St Andrews, since I saw Trevor Francis playing there against Wolves in the 1970s. So I hope upon hope to get my revenge on the brother, as I won’t be able to bear looking at his big grin over a pint in the pub afterwards.

So c’mon you Wolves, whichever Jekyll or Hyde Wolves team turns up at St Andrews on Sunday. My kinship kudos is at stake, never mind Wolves survival in the Premiership.



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