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Long standing Birmingham Labourite David Spilsbury has quit the party and delivered a scathing attack on officials who he said have “marginalised” ordinary members. Spilsbury accuses them of trying to create a UK equivalent of the Democrats, and says they are “deliberately jettisoning the whole tradition which went into the building of the Labour Party.”

In a resignation leaflet distributed to members of the Hall Green constituency, he delivers a broadside at prospective parliamentary candidate (and current Sparkbrook and Small Heath MP) Roger Godsiff, who he says has never lived locally despite being a Birmingham MP for 18 years.

Spilsbury also criticises the “close control” exercised by regional officer Keith Hanson.

He continues: “The traditional members, who prove so embarrassing by expecting to play an active part in policy making and debate, have been steadily marginalised.

“The reorganisation of Birmingham constituencies was the great opportunity used to create a ‘professional’ party, run by and for career politicians, who can be relied on not to rock the boat, because they want to progress smoothly to parliament and Whitehall and ever onwards and upwards.”

And he adds: “New Labour pygmies do not want people like me, who inconveniently trace our political beliefs to the struggles of long dead giants, on whose shoulders we are proud to stand.

"Hark back to the Putney Debates or the Chartists, the heroic Matchgirls, the Suffragettes or the General Strike, and you are just showing how out of date you are. ‘Pragmatism’ is all.”

Spilsbury insists that he won’t join another party but states, “I will not work as a delivery boy for leaflets over which I have … had no influence”.

To see the full resignation letter see here au revoir hall green



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