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The Birmingham International Film Society have announced their March programme and it includes some interesting screenings.

4th March
6pm Home (15)
A family live in a rolling meadow close to an unfinished motorway. When the diggers return to finish the job, the family’s idyllic lifestyle is shattered as the road nears completion.
8pm Welcome (15)
Boy meets girl, girl goes home, boy moves to be near her. Except boy is a 17 year old Kurd and the British authorities won’t left him into the country so he stays in Calais and make plans to swim the Channel.

11th March
6pm To Shoot an Elephant (15)
An eye-witness account from the Gaza Strip of Operation Cast Lead, when Israeli forces began bombing in December 2008. The film will be introduced by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign.
8pm Johnny Mad Dog (15)
Winner of the Best Director award at the 2008 Cannes film festival, this is the story of child soldiers in an unnamed African country.

16th March
6 pm Tulpan (12)
The bittersweet story of a former Russian soldier now living in Kazakhstan and wanting to settle down. Problem is, there’s only one woman in the district, and she’s not allowed to be seen.
8pm The Sea Wall (12A)
A French colonial widow in 1930s Cambodia is struggling to maintain her farm from the ravages of the sea, while trying to keep her children away from danger.

24th March
7 pm House (Hausu) (15)
A very, VERY weird 1977 Japanese horror story about a group of teenage girls and their gruesome fate at an aunt’s house.
9pm Until The Light Takes Us (15)
This documentary shows the macabre world of Norwegian black metal, examining its history and ideology.

Tickets for each film are £3.50 (£2.50 concessions) or £6 (£4 concessions) for two films on one night.

Tickets are available in advance from or on the door on the night. For more details go to



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