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Moseley Road Baths

PHOTO: Thanks to Steve Beauchampe

Swimmers who’ve enjoyed taking the plunge at Birmingham’s Moseley Road Baths are being invited to come and share their memories at the launch of an oral history project next week – aimed at celebrating Britain’s oldest Grade II* listed pool.

The Baths were opened in 1907, and contain a slew of unique features including Britain’s only complete set of pre-war private washing (or ‘slipper’) baths, a three-sided spectator gallery and unique balconettes in the Gala Pool – not to mention what are believed to be the only surviving steam-heated drying racks in a British swimming baths, sited in the first floor laundry room.

So much for the architecture – now the experiences of pool users are being chronicled, thanks to a £48,000 Heritage Lottery grant, which will see a book produced alongside a DVD, exhibition and community play.

Project Co-ordinator Jen Austin said:The launch will offer people the opportunity to discover more about the project and how they can become involved with it.

“Moseley Road Baths has been a hub of the community for over a century and we particularly hope that members of local community groups will want to participate in Pool of Memories by helping us to collect and preserve its’ history, to build a detailed picture and valuable archive of this nationally important building and the people who both have - and continue to - use it.”

The smaller pool at Moseley Road is currently in use, but the Gala pool awaits refurbishment after being closed in 2003. Plans to fund the restoration with a private/public partnership – revealed on The Stirrer – received a cool response from campaigners.

The launch is at Balsall Heath Library, next door to Moseley Road Baths, on Wednesday, February 17th (3pm).

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