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Mickey Mousers

Peter Millington may or may not have got his geography mixed up – not to mention his eras – as he looks forwards to Sunday’s Carling Cup final.

Will you be getting behind the home team on Sunday?

This Sunday's Carling Cup Final between Aston Villa and Manchester United promises to split the nation in two as teams representing the grim north and the softy south go head to head at Wembley Stadium.

As one of the biggest footballing weekends of the season begins at 5pm tomorrow evening, tens of thousands of grubby faced but cheerful northern workers will exchange their flat caps for pom-pom hats and the great journey south to the capital will begin.

The authorities predict that thousands of working class men, boys and sometimes even their womenfolk will head straight out of the factory gates on Friday evening and climb directly aboard their buses, trains, trams and even bicycles on the celebrated road to Wembley.

They are all set to flood the capital city and if the guest houses are full then London's railway embankments will not be a problem to these hardy fellows.

What a sight that will be...

But at the other end of the country, stockbrokers, managing directors and property developers from all over leafy middle England will be swapping their brollies and bowlers for rattles and rosettes in the colours of their favourites for the cup.

The pipe smoking middle classes of Berkshire, Surrey and Kent will down their briefcases this weekend to cheer on the champions of the capital and the southern counties. The girls and boys of Kensington and Chelsea are set to party and the champagne is already being chilled in expectation of the cup staying put in London.

It may be a case of the troops stick the officers, but by Jove, what a match this will be!

Who can predict the final outcome of this marvellous north - south clash of the Titans? Will it be the humble visitors from up north who lift the prize, or will the great Manchester United benefit from their home advantage?

You'd be foolish to miss the Carling Cup Final this Sunday afternoon!

Watford Gap 11

Hoorah for the valiant underdog


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