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In its circulation war with the Birmingham Mail, the Express and Star has taken to using the sneering strapline “Today’s News Today”. If only that was true.

As The Stirrer revealed several weeks ago, the Mail has moved to overnight production in a bid to cut costs – leaving the way open for the Star to relaunch its Brum edition.

Fair enough. The Stirrer believes that when it comes to the media in this region, you can’t have too much of a good thing.

But if yesterday’s Birmingham edition of the Express and Star is anything to go by, they are struggling to justify their bold claims.

The paper led on the excellent story that a new regional fire centre is costing taxpayers £1.7million a year – despite it not being up and running until 2011, four years after being officially opened.

Unfortunately, the same tale was first published in last Thursday’s Birmingham Post.

“Today’s News Today?” Not quite.

Look inside – and what’s this?

Drawings show how Paradise Circus might look when it’s redeveloped.

“Today’s News Today?” Nope, another Post reheat.

Elsewhere on the front page, there was a reprint of the key quotes from a Sunday Times article with new Cadbury boss Irene Rosenfeld; and a belated report about MP John Hemming’s spat with Gordon Brown about bus routes.

In fairness, there was one story we haven’t spotted elsewhere – the release of a 148 apartment complex in the Jewellery Quarter; and recently the paper scooped the Mail (and the Stirrer) with full details of Birmingham Council’s sickness record.

What a pity the Second City’s online community couldn’t read it. As we’ve noted before, the Star’s internet strategy invites readers to click for their local news, but omits Birmingham from its list of locations.

“Tomorrow’s News Today?” Well, not always – and never on the Net.



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