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Residents of Lozells have called for the killer of Isiah Young-Sam to be brought to justice - just days after three men were acquitted for his murder. But following claims that tensions have risen following the verdict, they are also insisting the community won't be divided.

Isiah lost his life in the maelstrom of the Lozells Riots of 2005, but his alleged killers (who had previously been convicted of the offence) were found not guilty after a retrial at Birmingham Crown Court when it emerged that police had failed to disclose key evidence.

Government gangs advisor Derrick Campell said that as a result there was growing animosity between local black people and the cops.

Now Lozells Neighbourhood Forum and Handsworth Central Neighbourhood Forum - both of which represent people from a variety of backgrounds - have issued a joint call for justice, while also insisting they won't tolerate any repeat of the events of 2005.

Here's their statement in full:

We as a community stand united and urge the Authorities including the West Midlands Police and CPS to ensure those responsible for the tragic murder of Isiah Young-Sam are brought to Justice. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time.

Over a number of years, our Neighbourhoods Forums, which include a culturally diverse representation of local volunteer residents, have been working hard to push for the regeneration of Lozells.

Today, we are proud of this place we call home, as we thrive to work together to seek further improvements. We thank all residents for their continued support in helping Lozells be a safer and better place for all to live, work and socialise in.

However, we as a community are determined that we will not allow anyone from within and/or outside Lozells an opportunity to create any tension that may divide our vibrant community, as may have been the case in the past!



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