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Dave Woodhall is getting philosophical about his rising social status, car parks, big wheels and downsizing Devonians.

It was when I was told my friends Si and Emma have built a wedding website that I started to get worried. Here they are, two perfectly normal individuals with a healthy dose of cynicism between them and they’re going all hearts and flowers. Not only that but they’ve got a wedding list. From John Lewis.

Dear Lord God, what is the world coming to? I have middle-class friends. When did that happen? One minute I’m happily part of the underclass, the next I’ve got friends who can go into John Lewis without being asked to leave.

I blame my wife. Sometimes I wish she’d hurry up and finish that social experiment she’s undertaking and dump me back in the gutter, where I belong.

I could peruse such a question while waiting in a car park queue. Is there a more evil thing than a car park queue? And they’re invariably caused by the car in front holding everyone up because they’ve seen a space,

Well, not exactly a space, not yet. They’ve seen someone loading a fortnight’s groceries into their boot, which means they’re about to move off, which means it’s a space and therefore fair game for the car at the head of the queue (invariably a 4x4) to wait, never mind if they’re holding up the traffic from M& S at Shirley all the way back to Robin Hood Island.

I’ve just admitted I shop at M&S. The middle-class disease is spreading.

I also noticed the other day that the Birmingham wheel is being moved to Weston. Fair enough, it’s much the same clientele, just a bit colder. Do you think they’ll put out on the front? And if so, will you be able to see the sea?

And to round off today’s philosophical discussion, I note that Birmingham city council have now put their exchange system online, so that anyone living in social housing will be able to register to swap for similar housing anywhere else in the country. I wonder if there’ll be much call for exchanging a two-bed semi in North Devon for a 19th floor flat in Newtown?



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