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Yesterday’s 2-1 win against Wolves leaves Blues in a comfortable mid-table berth, but what are their chances of pushing on? Andy Munro assesses the comings and going of the transfer window.

I suppose that the transfer window was a bit of a damp squib – the predictable (but not unwelcome) signing of Michel and Gardener but no so called ‘trophy signing’ and not a forward of any kind. Let’s hope it’s not another Gary Cahill situation where we fail to secure the final piece of the jigsaw and it then falls apart.

Some players have meanwhile gone out of the door – Marcus Bent built like a Greek Adonis statue with about the same movement. Gary McSheffrey – the last time ‘the Sheff’ was cooking on gas Fanny Craddock was still around.

Martin ‘Tiny’ Taylor – a decent Championship player but another accident waiting to happen at Premiership level. However the one man that I was truly sorry to see go was Damien Johnson, probably the best vfm signing we ever made. It was certainly the best signing Brucie ever made bar Dugarry and possibly Upson.

‘DJ’ also affectionately known as Brucie’s lovechild was sometimes either played out of position or when out of form but he never gave less than 101%. He wore his heart on his sleeve to such an extent that it once infamously dislodged his captain’s armband but I, for one forgave DJ his indiscretion because of his obvious passion for the game.

Ideally he would have stayed on as decent cover at right back as well as midfield but, in any event, I wish him all the very best in his quest for Pilgrims’ Progress.

On the incoming side, we have signed confused Craig ‘I’ve got a foot in both camps’ Gardener. Once he swore his allegiance to claret and blue now it’s another shade of blue – he sounds as trustworthy as JT.

Having said that,I don’t really care as long as he does it on the pitch, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he was a Blues fan and he just lied when he signed for the Villa.

Everybody is allowed one mistake and despite its moral magnitude, I’m prepared to forgive and if Craig at last means what he says then he should look no further than the example of commitment and passion set by DJ.


Andy Munro would like to point out that 'my views are personal and not those of the City Council'


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