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The power of Facebook is being harnessed to fight cuts in services in Birmingham – ahead of a “noisy” protest at the Council House later this month.

Budgetary pressures have led to a stream of stories about proposed cuts, with the Children, Young People and Families department planning 1300 redundancies despite continued expenditure on expensive consultants.

It was also reported last week in the Birmingham Mail that the city’s 23 day nurseries are under threat – although a Council official denied that any decision had been made.

The Facebook mission statement declares:

Birmingham City Council are proposing millions of pounds of cuts. Care Homes, Nurseries, Libraries, Leisure Centres and Neighbourhood offices all face the axe.the Children

Care Homes are already closing. 23 council day nurseries could close leaving 852 children without a nursery place.

Already1,380 council workers have been issued with notices warning them that they may face the sack.

If the council get away with this they will devastate our services.

On Tuesday 23rd January the council meet to set a budget, and discuss the proposed cuts. The unions representing thousands of council staff have called a 'Noisy Protest' outside the Council House from 4pm to 6pm.

Everybody who uses a nursery, a library, a leisure centre or a neighbourhood office needs to be there.

Please forward this group to everyone you know. We will keep you informed about the cuts, and the protests. If you are coming to the protest, or bringing your workmates, friends, neighbours or campaign group, please let us know.

Bring your whistles and drums, your pots and your pans.



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