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Following yesterday’s comments from Richard Lutz about the remorseless nature of American college sport comes news that a similar tale has struck a chord with the literary fraternity. And we’re happy to claim a link to it.

One of our favourite authors, Albion-supporting all-round good guy Chris Green, is in the running for a top national award.

Chruis’s latest book, Every Boy's Dream - England's Football Future on the Line (A&C Black) is one of six named in the best football book category in this year's British Sports Book Awards, run by the National Sporting Club. The award is short-listed and judged by the Football Writers Association and will be announced on Thursday, March 11th.

Every Boy's Dream investigates why British football continues to fail to nurture top-class football talent and examines the casualties it causes. The book doesn’t pull any punches and is willing to lay the blame at the doors of those in charge of youth football.

Then, rather than just listing the faults of the system, it provides tales of inspiration and a blueprint for the future of the national game.

Every Boy’s Dream has been critically acclaimed - the Daily Telegraph said: “A copy should be on the desk of the manager, coach or proprietor of every football club in the land as soon as possible,” while football magazine When Saturday Comes believes “Green has uncovered a total disconnect between the game's top brass and the kids at the sharp end.”

Chris has written several books, including the Sack Race, a look at football management, and Matchday, a classic tale of how Saturday afternoon unfolds at all levels of the game. They’re invariably well-written and leave you feeling that while football at the top is a horrible, money-orientated business, there’s still so much about the game that is wonderful.

Best of luck to Chris and we’ll let you know how he gets on.



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