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How can anyone hate harmless little Fulham? Except of course a Blues fan, and Andy Munro in particular.

I hate Fulham dating back to that cockney spiv, Johnny Haynes, getting Bertie Auld sent off.

I hate that Dianaphobe, Al Fayed.....long may he never get a UK passport.

I hate that nerd with a lisp, Roy Hodgson, who is so magnanimous and gentlemanly that he’s downright annoying.

I hate Fulham’s cosy image especially given our craven record at Craven Cottage – it’s like being invited somewhere nice for tea and scones and then getting your head kicked in.

Most of all I hate how they sent us down a couple of seasons ago when I was deafened by their stupid clapperboards and Blues were mesmerised by Messrs Bullard and Murphy.

Yet this time around I was fairly hopeful of at least a share of the spoils, even more so when their defender netted an own goal with the sort of accuracy that Cameron Jerome can only dream about. Despite that bonus we continued to look a bit jaded and none more so than Larsson, whose lack of real pace and skill is beginning to show up.

Cameron Jerome also had a forgettable game as did Liam at full back. It is perhaps not surprising that most Blues fans would have cited the need for a striker, a genuine wide player and a left back as priorities during the transfer window.

In fairness everybody else battled away manfully without ever moving into top gear, before succumbing to wonder strikes from Duff and Zamora. Even Alex was envious of a centre forward who could hold the ball up as opposed to a forward who couldn’t trap the proverbial bag of cement (sorry Cameron).

McFadden was one of the few who rose above the mediocrity and must definitely be worth another punt up front. It is to be hoped that the season doesn’t dissolve into lower middle table mediocrity and a cup quarter final exit…mind you perhaps I’m getting greedy as most Blues fans would have ripped your hands off if they had been offered that at the start of the season!

Certainly it’s now time to give Fahy, Gardener and Michel an extended run with possibly young Jervis on the bench as a different sort of threat up front.


Andy Munro would like to point out that 'my views are personal and not those of the City Council'


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