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Villa’s three-pronged march to glory continues, but as Dave Woodhall comments it’s starting to look a bit predictable.

Two games, two draws. I suppose it was a decent return, especially with Spurs losing at Wolves last night, but there’s been a worrying lack of creativity in Villa’s performances this week.

The goalless draw at White Hart Lane was just as important for the two points Tottenham dropped as the one Villa gained at the end of 90 minutes in which we were under the cosh for long spells but survived to take a point. Villa got some stick for what was seen as ‘boring’ football but that’s Spurs for you. Anything that gets in the way of their divine right to success has to be criticised.

Manchester United were the visitors to Villa Park last night for a game they usually win without much problem. On the balance of play they probably deserved the three points again, but Villa’s defence yet again held out during a second half in which Wayne Rooney showed why on current form he’s as good as it gets. Every time he got the ball he looked dangerous but just as impressive was the time he ran back half the length of the pitch to dispossess Ashley Young with a tackle any defender would have been proud of.

Villa, on the other hand, showed little threat. Our midfield, with the exception of the impressive Fabien Delph, had a communal off day while up front we showed little. John Carew’s attitude has always been suspect but now you have to wonder why he bothers at all. 6’ 4” and 15 stone should at least make some impression on a team who played for an hour with ten men.

We’re still within striking distance of the top four but there’s still the impression that Villa are going to have the same problems during the final part of the season as we did this time last year – over-reliance on a couple of key players and an inability to break teams down once the initial Plan A doesn’t work.

Still, we’ve got another winnable cup tie on Sunday. Selhurst Park is the hardest ground in the country to get to and our record there against Crystal Palace is poor but I’m still confident. It’s our year for the FA Cup.



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