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A narrow squeak against Derby can’t disguise the shocking truth – Blues are in the last eight of the FA Cup. Andy Munro muses on an even more unlikely scenario.

Blues in the FA Cup quarter finals – I still can’t believe it given our abysmal record as long as I can remember. For those who moaned that we struggled to win, I would cite Reading v Liverpool and Man Utd v Leeds Utd – you have to fight for the right.

It was particularly sweet to stick one up Robbie Savage and even sweeter that he was foiled at the last moment in a last ditch bid for an equaliser. Robbie also proved that there is no substitute for lack of class as his ‘loadsamoney ‘gesture to the crowd illustrated – the thing is that it would have been funny if it had been a joke but unfortunately it was a truism.

Admittedly we did struggle up front with Cameron again failing to deliver when clean through and, to be honest, if Benitez is worth £7m, I would be delighted if West Ham, his alleged suitors, decide to buy him.

The difference when SuperKev came on was noticeable straightaway – if there was a ‘Mastermind’ competition for football brains, SuperKev would win everytime.

At the back,Stephen Carr was a bit shaky but at his age, he’s entitled to the occasional aberration. Luckily the rest of the defence were on their game as usual. I also thought that the midfield looked a bit jaded which isn’t suprising and Seb,who relies on his engine to make an impact, was noticeably off the pace.

Maybe it’s the time for Fahey,Gardener and Michel to make their mark.

Mind you, retaining a place in the Premiership and beating the Villa in a Wembley final would suit me fine.


Andy Munro would like to point out that 'my views are personal and not those of the City Council'


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