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Cllr Mike Leddy

A Birmingham councillor has been forced to apologise after using sending party propaganda at the taxpayers’ expense.

Mike Leddy – who represents the Brandwood ward – has said “sorry” to the Standards subcommittee after using the Labour party’s Freepost address as a contact point for constituents in a leaflet sent from the Council House.

The local authority’s Chief Legal Officer Mirza Ahmed has now sent a stern warning letter to all councillors warning that postage and photocopying facilities should not be used for party political purposes.

When The Stirrer caught up with Leddy last night, he appeared unrepentant, saying: “I’ve been writing to residents keeping them informed what the Council is doing locally, nothing more.

“The Conservatives took umbrage and reported me, so I’m now doing it myself, spending £800 a month out of my own pocket – using my councillor’s allowance - and I’m not complaining about that.

“There was nothing party political, and no mention of the Labour party apart from at the top of the headed notepaper, which I’m allowed to do, saying that I’m a Labour councillor for the Brandwood ward.

“On one leaflet I foolishly used the Labour Freepost address as a point of contact because if constituents want to write to me at the Council House, they have to spend 30p on a stamp, which I think is abhorrent.

“As councillors, we should be available to the electorate 24/7 and I’ve even dealt with enquiries on Christmas Day – there should be a Freepost address at the Council House”.



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