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Stephen Hughes

Birmingham Council has confirmed yeterday's Stirrer story that senior officers are facing the axe as a result of a restructuring programme in Chief Executive Stephen Hughes department. Or at least we think they've confirmed it.

The nub of our report yesterday was that the following top positions would be deleted

Corporate Director of Resources
Corporate Director of Governance
Corporate Director of Business Change
Corporate Director of Public Affairs & Communications
Corporate Director of Policy & Delivery
Director of Scrutiny
Assistant Director of Finance
Assistant Director of Revenues and Benefits
Assistant Director of Shared Services
Assistant Director Customer Services
Head of Policy & Performance.

And they'll be replaced by just four positions

  1. Strategic Director of Resources
  2. Director of Democracy & Scrutiny
  3. Director of Transactional Services
  4. Director of Policy.

That leaves various big wigs to scrap it out for a job.

This is the Council's response: "Proposals to re-structure the senior management of the Chief Executive’s Directorate are currently being consulted upon as part of the ongoing effort to make the council’s services as efficient and effective as possible.

"All directorates, from top to bottom, are continually looking at ways to provide the best possible value for money for citizens, given the challenging public finance context that local government faces. No tier of staffing is immune from possible change as the council strives to provide first-class services.

"No final decision has been made on the future make-up of the Chief Executive’s Directorate, and potentially affected staff will be kept informed as and when there are any developments to report."

Er, so we got it right, didn't we? Thought so.



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