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Candi Staton

After a terrific show last year at Birmingham Town Hall, soul legend Candi Staton returns to the West Midlands in April for a gig at The Robin in Bilston.

For some baffling reason the Town Hall date was well below capacity – but it was a storming show nonetheless, as Staton belted out “Young Hearts Run Free,” “Nights On Broadway”, and “You’ve Got The Love”.

Stirrer reviewer Paul Samuels wrote: “Whenever I watch old singers I always think of Paul McGrath's knees and wonder if the vocal veteran is using an old pros tricks and anticipation to keep themselves out of trouble (or in the right place) like the knackered knee knock 'em backer did at the end of his career.

“Well, not in Staton's case. Her voice still has the quality of those early recordings.

”There's a bruised, hurt quality which is incongruous coming from the smiling 65 year old woman walking round the stage with her arm outstretched as if carrying an invisible tray. And even better, she's going to talk.

“I always enjoy between song chat and Staton is talking her way though each song, explaining bits of musical history, who recorded the song and lots of talking to the ladies about men.”

So there you have it – music, chat, and a little slice of history. Don’t dare miss it.

Candi Staton appears at The Robin 2, Bilston, Wolverhampton Tuesday 27th April 2010. Adv. £18.00 On Door £20. Book On-line



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