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Dave Woodhall reckons he’s found one of the secrets of Martin O’Neill’s success.

When he was promoting generals Napoleon used to ask if they were lucky. If he’d had Martin O’Neill in his army Waterloo station would be in Paris and we’d be walking round in Bonaparte boots.

While watching Villa beat Burnley on Sunday afternoon I realised that Martin O’Neill is a lucky manager. Of course, there’s much more to him than just luck; he’s got plenty of other attributes. But he’s definitely lucky.

A week before a cup final you can’t get much better than a home game against a side who are plummeting down the league and have lost their last seven aways. This is especially fortunate if most of your team spend the first half playing as though they’d only met each other ten minutes before kick-off.

If Villa had been playing anyone half-decent the game would have been lost well before half-time. As it was, we were up against a side whose inadequacies would have had any watching Wolves supporters realising that they only have one relegation place to worry about now.

Villa clicked into gear for about ten minutes, scored four goals, a few of the first half’s under-performers got themselves back in form, then the team switched off to get ready for the League Cup final.

Before then we’ve got an FA Cup fifth round replay at home to Crystal Palace. It won’t be an easy one, but Palace might as well not bother turning up. We’ve got the fates on our side.



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