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Not all rundown areas are beyond redemption. The Stirrer has learned of further good news for what was once a problem estate, and there are hopes that further investment will benefit one of Birmingham’s biggest eyesores.

There was a time when the Lyng estate, close to West Bromwich town centre, was one of the most notorious areas in the borough of Sandwell. A maze of high-rise flats and maisonette blocks, it suffered from all the problems associated with such developments – crime, lack of security, anti-social behaviour. No-one lived there by choice and conditions on the estate were gradually getting worse.

The Lyng Regeneration Areas project managed to reverse the decline, with much of the area’s poor housing stock either renovated or demolished and replaced by revolutionary designs that residents were proud of and looked after. Lyng became a popular address. Now comes news of another large investment in the area.

Housebuilders Barratt Homes West Midlands have submitted a planning application for 360 new homes on the Lyng. The scheme has evolved over the last two years following extensive planning, and public consultation, working in partnership with the council and the Lyng Community Association.

Of especial importance in such an area that remains far from affluent is the news that the new development will provide a wide range of house types – including 114 affordable units to be owned and managed by the Lyng Community Association.

Cllr Bob Badham, Sandwell Cabinet member for regeneration and transport, said: This application demonstrates a commitment by the housebuilders and the Lyng CA to invest in the borough despite the difficult economic conditions and it will provide much needed accommodation for local residents.”

Subject to obtaining planning permission Barratt intend to commence building early this summer.

Birmingham city council will be hoping for a similar success story in Perry Barr, where the three eyesore tower blocks on Birchfield Road that have been lying empty for months are due to be demolished today as part of a plan to build a new housing estate in the area.



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