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Debt campaigner Audrey Miller makes a final plea to our hard to reach local MPs - calling on them to turn up at parliament on Friday week to vote against so-called Vulture Funds which prey on the poorest people in the world.

Vulture funds are secretive firms that buy up the defaulted debts of the world’s poorest countries, often at low prices.

They then take countries to court to aggressively recoup the debts at full value for immediate repayment, often in UK and US courts.

It’s an ugly business but there is a small window of opportunity to kill the Vulture Funds and benefit millions of people who are being preyed upon in this way.

Your MP could play a part in ending the outrageous practice, just one hundred are needed to be in the House of Commons on

Friday 26th February because earlier this year Greater Manchester MP Andrew Gwynne decided to do something about the problem.

He introduced aPrivate Member’s Bill – something open to only a handful of MPs every year – to prohibit vulture fund activity against the poorest countries in the world.

It is interesting to note that many of our local Black country and Birmingham MP's of all political parties do support the concept.

180 MP's from across the UK have signed the calling for and end to the injustice.

Most MP's seem to recognise finance companies have been allowed to get away with exploiting the debt relief received by developing countries for their own profit; taking vital resources away from those most in need.

My only worry now is how many of our MP's will actually be in the Westminster on Friday 26th February.100 must attend for the Bill to succeed. It seems so few votes for the benefit of millions who are suffering this gross injustice.

I shall be looking at the attendance list with interest to see which members and political parties do really care about global poverty.

The list of excuses for none attendance may be easy to predict, but I know it will help lots of campaigners to decide how they vote in the forth coming election.



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