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Birmingham might have more canals than Venice but news today that Broad Street has been nominated for a national food award is even harder to swallow.

A few weeks ago we were bemoaning the lack of late-night eateries in the city centre. It seems we were just looking in the wrong place.

Broad Street has been shortlisted in the first Google Street View Awards in the category of Best Foodie Street. A panel of experts including Jeff Banks of the Clothes Show and David Else from travel guide Lonely Planet nominated Broad Street because of, and I quote “the eclectic mix of mouth-watering options available along the city’s Golden Mile.”

The judges go on to say “The winning street should offer a unique mix of mouth-watering options which could include fine dining, cafes, market stalls and delicatessens, all covering a diverse mix of food types and price points.”

Now, correct me if I’m wrong but fine dining seems to be at a premium on Broad Street. I’ve never seen a market stall there and a deli? I can just imagine the sort of trade it would do at 2am.

Broad Street can boast the usual chain mediocrity and the burgers/pizzas bars have to offer to get a late licence but the best in the country? I don’t think so. It’s not even the best in Birmingham.

The awards have been created in anticipation of further imagery being added to Google’s Street View tool, which currently allows users to view and navigate 360 degree street-level imagery in 25 British towns.

If successful Broad Street will be named Britain’s Best Foodie Street 2010 and will then work with the team at Google to create a bespoke Google Street View tour to highlight the key retailers and points of interest in the area. I’m now starting to understand why Broad Street has been chosen ahead of, say, Ladypool Road.

But whatever the criteria it’s done now and Broad Street may as well win it as anywhere. The nationwide public vote has now opened and will close on Sunday 28th February. The winners will be announced in March.

To support Broad Street and vote for it to be crowned champion go to here



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