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Sandwell Labour boss Bill Thomas contacts The Stirrer to point out the untold success story of the European elections – his own party’s unlikely victory in the Black Country borough and other parts of the region.

Most of the national headlines were – justifiably – handed over to UKIP’s astonishing success in coming second nationally to the Conservatives, as well as the BNP’s breakthrough in securing their first two MEP’s.

But given the government’s meltdown in other parts of the UK, Labour's rock solid support in most of the West Midlands is remarkable.

In Sandwell, they secured 20951 votes, with UKIP second on 12917and the Tories trailing in a lame third with12794.

“Tony Ward the Conservative leader in Sandwell was looking sick – and no wonder,” said Thomas.

Labour enjoyed similar success in Wolverhampton, with 15659 votes. The Tories came second 13963 and UKIP 11410.

The socialists also enjoyed victories in Birmingham and Coventry, with UKIP pulling in significant numbers.

There’s an argument that their supporters are more likely to switch allegiance to the Conservatives than Labour in a General Election, but David Cameron must be worried at his inability to tap into widespread disaffection with Gordon Brown in the nation’s industrial heartland.

If the Tories can’t take places like this in times like these, can they seriously expect to win a comfortable majority when the PM finally goes to the polls?



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