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Digbeth's popular Rainbow has been issued with a noise abatement order by Birmingham City Council - who've given one complaining resident more credence than 14,000 people who've offered their support to the venue on Facebook.

The decision is the latest blow to the campaign to Keep Digbeth Vibrant - an issue first highlighted on The Stirrer when we warned that similar issues affecting the The Spotted Dog on Alcester Street posed a real threat to the city's nightlife.

We even organised a Stirrer Summit to highlight the issue in 2007 - but it seems our concerns fell on deaf ears.

The Council seems more concerned with bowing and scraping to devlopers and a tiny minority of moaning incomers - rather than protecting an oasis of left field entertainment. Because, of course, Birmingham has too many of those.

It's enough to make you want to emigrate.

The Rainbow issued a statement last night saying, "The sword of Damocles hanging over the head of the Rainbow has finally fallen.

"This latest decapitation is further evidence of the City Council's EPU department zealously applying it's subjective and tenuous rules regarding 'noise nuisance' - for the benefit of one resident and to the detriment of the vast majority.

"This is despite a commitment to sound insulate the roof from which the sound of music emanates - as quick as the planning department can allow it.

"We will issue our response this Friday at 6.30 - 7.00pm at The Rainbow. If you can make it we would appreciate your attendance and moral support. Please spread the word........ Cheap drinks will be served."



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